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Beyond Beautiful Protecting Your Inner Treasures

Join Princess Aameira and Prince Miguel on a thrilling adventure to recapture their stolen treasures from the Ugly Frog Queen. With a little help from Mr Wise Old Owl, they learn the secret to regaining their hidden treasures. This inspiring fairy tale will stimulate discussion and empower youth to always protect their inner treasures such as; courage, resilience, self worth and confidence no matter what obstacles may come their way. 


Beyond Beautiful Duo Set

Experience the journey of discovering, embracing, and protecting all of the wonderful jewels and treasures you have inside. This 2 book "Beyond Beautiful" Girl's Empowerment Series is written by mother/daughter duo authors, Julia Grace Saffold and Jasmine Zapata, MD, MPH. "The Beyond Beautiful Treasure Box - Protecting Your Inner Treasures" by Julia Saffold, is written for young adolescents, and teaches valuable lessons about the secret to protecting their inner treasures. "Beyond Beautiful - A Girl's Guide To Unlocking the Power of Inner Beauty, Self Esteem. Resilience, and Courage" by Dr. Zapata, is a powerful journey for teens to discover what it really means to be "Beyond Beautiful". "Just as a single snowflake falls from the sky, uniquely different than all the rest, so each of us in divinely fashinioned to be Beyond Beautiful in our own special way."  Julia Saffold a.k.a."Mama Jewels" 


Empowerment Treasure Chests

 Mama Jewel's" Legacy Treasure Chests make great gifts for all ages. They are a powerful tool for helping to build healthy self esteem, confidence, courage, and strength. These lovely treasure chests come with 12 golden coins, all phrased with words of empowerment. They make great discussion starters in family conversations, youth groups, support groups, or even for self motivation. Also included is a key made with a beautiful brass finish that represents the secret to unlocking our inner treasures, which is to BELIEVE. These lovely treasure chests make great decorations on any table or mantle, and can be used in many different ways. They make lovely keepsake boxes, jewelry boxes, and prayer boxes. Use them to build a legacy in your family that can be passed down to many generations.