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Thank you so much for visiting my site today.  My name is Julia Grace Saffold, aka "Mama Jewels", to the youth who know me :)  I am a devoted wife, mother, grandmother, mentor, motivator, and passionate leader, who loves to inspire people to greatness. A family motto I hold dear, is "to spread light, share love, inspire hope, and ignite change." This, I believe, is my mission and purpose in life. I walk this out through the books I write, the audiences I inspire, the teams I build, the choral ministries I train, and the youth/parents I coach. May sound like a lot, but I'm walking in my purpose and loving every minute of it!

What are your aspirations today and how might I be able to help you achieve them?

Do you have a team (or need to build a team) that could benefit from training which improves communication skills, builds relationships, reduces workplace stress, and maximizes strengths, based upon proven theories of understanding human behavior and personality types? I can help you.

Are you are in need of a motivational speaker or inspirational evangelist, to uplift and inspire your group? I would be happy to serve. 

If you have a choir or worship team that could benefit from 40+ years of choral directing and music ministry leadership, I would love to motivate and help strengthen your ministry.

If you work with youth, ages 6  through 18 years, that could benefit from empowerment workshops and coaching sessions that focus on inner beauty, self esteem, self-worth, courage, resilience, and more, then I have the perfect solution for youth groups, parents, & youth nurturers. 

I'd love to hear from you. Also, remember to check my website often, as it is still in progress and still in set up phase. :)

Thanks again for stopping by, and have a blessed day!  -Julia Grace


About Me



As a team building specialist, Julia is a Certified Instructor and Facilitator of the Real Colors® training curriculum. She builds professional teams in areas of their working relationships, best communication practices, stress management, and working with difficult people. She facilitates power-packed workshops utilizing the Real Colors® Personality Assessment Tool. 

In her fun and interactive workshops, Julia combines temperament theory with real life applications in a way that is easy to understand, fun to learn, and easy to remember. 

Understanding personality types and how each temperament operates, helps us look through different lenses, to not only recognize our strengths, but also to recognize and appreciate the strengths of others who may be different from us.

 Utilizing temperament theory in the workplace, classrooms, ministry teams, work groups, and relationships, improves communication, helps with stress management, aids in conflict resolution, building stronger teams.

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As Youth Empowerment Coach, Julia is fondly referred to as “Mama Jewels”.  Her sage wisdom, as a mother grandmother, and long time youth leader, is a invaluable voice to the younger generation. 

Much of Julia's youth empowerment work is done in partnership with her daughter, Dr. Jasmine Zapata, MD, Founder of the Beyond Beautiful®   International Girls Empowerment Movement. Julia currently tours with her daughter, facilitating exciting and power-packed workshops for teen girls.

Julia , along with her 3 time author, Dr. Zapata, published and launched their first  "Beyond Beautiful" book series in late November 2017. This series was Inspired by the life of Julia's son, (Dr. Zapata's brother), who died at age 16.  The book series teaches youngsters how to embrace their inner beauty to reach their highest potential. 

Julia's book, a fairytale,  "The Beyond Beautiful Treasure Box- Protecting Your Inner Treasures" inspires elementary aged children to always protect their inner treasures and never lose sight of their courage, resilience, self-worth, and confidence. 

Both Julia and Dr. Zapata's books have reached international audiences, and are being circulated in empowerment curriculum used by young girls in Kenya. 

Julia's passion for young people extends also to parents, guardians, mentors, and youth leaders. Her soon-to-be-released book, "Raising Diamonds That Shine" is a practical voice of wisdom to adults, and will make it's debut early next year. 


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In ministry, Julia is an anointed evangelist, powerful speaker, and dynamic choral director.  She holds an associates degree in Theology, and is gifted to encourage and inspire diverse audiences of all ages. 

Julia often ministers along side her husband, and organist, Mel Saffold Sr., who also holds an associates degree in Theology. Together, they founded New Season Shift, a ministry work that focuses on spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ, and empowering music ministry teams. ​ 

As a gifted and sought out choral director, Julia facilitates music workshops for new and growing music ministries to help build solid foundations for effective and lasting ministry. Julia also offers Ministry Building Blocks and Skills Training Workshops to music leaders and choir directors. 

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Beyond Beautiful - Protecting Your Inner Treasures



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